Solo Adventures SalsaGeorge Fashion

Miami Sunny Days And Hot Nightlife.  SalsaGeorge in staying cool and being cool in hot Miami Venissac Fashion


Barcelona Day & Night.  SalsaGeorge experiences all the wonder an magic of Barcelona.  A place certainly to be remembered.


Trumping The Donald With Prada Pants. SalsaGeorge visits 5th Avenue, Famious Trump Tower, And the Empire Hotel Rooftop. Of course looking sharp with his classic White Dobb Hat, Fantastic Black/Gold Apricottree Jacket, Sharp White Snap Cluff Shirt, and Black Classic Fluvog Shoes.


Missing The Train In Style. SalsaGeorge Misses his train but walks around New York Grand Central Station in International Style wearing his classic White Dobb Hat, Purple FB Jacket, White Dunhil Slacks, Black And White Custom William Chenn Hong Kong Shirt, Black Classic Fluvog Shoes and of course reading the Classic NYC Village Voice.