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The Spirit Of The Dance


I’vd danced across the world.  I have had magical dances, ok dances, and wishing the song would end dances.  I’ve been in dance venues from fantastic to those that felt like saunas.  But its always been exciting to get dressed up, walk in to the venue, hear the music, see my dancing friends and well just dance!   Looking back, over the years I am most thankful that I had teachers who taught me not just the movement of the dance but the spirit of the dance.

So what is spirit of the dance?  To me it’s having:  fun, smiling, providing a safe space, appreciation, connection, acknowledgement, expression, musicality, asking someone politely to dance, if someone says no to dancing being polite, saying thank you after dancing, a 3 minute escape from reality, leading, following, friendship,  community,  performances, saying sorry if you step on someone’s foot and if possible getting them some ice, getting to know people over time,  offering to buy a thirsty dance friend a bottle of water, saying thank you to the staff and DJ, leaving promptly at the end of the dance, and of course late night eats after.

What’s not the spirit of the dance?  It’s: scolding  someone about their dance steps, no eye contact, saying no when asked to dance, arm gymnastics, ignoring the person you are dancing with, being hard on someone’s shoulder or arm, believing that the steps or pattern of the dance are more important than the person you are dancing with, being drunk, bad hygiene,  being clicky, abruptly walking away in the middle or at the end of the dance, and believing that one style of dancing is better than another.

What is a good place to dance?  Venues that provide:  great music, good service, see the dancers as customers, provide a good dance floor, proper temperature and ventilation,  adequate selection of non-alcoholic drinks,  not allowing venue to become overcrowded, asking people who are drinking to not stand on the dance floor, staff that saying thank you for being here,  DJ taking requests, performances, and birthday dances.  

Got to go its Bachata Dancing tonight!  SGO.

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