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SalsaGeorge Advice On Fashion and Style

Fashion is what is new, whatís trendy, and whatís hot and whatís not.   Fashion provides new ideas, fantastic and wow youíve got to be kidding!  Now Iím all for Fashion, come on Ė Iím SalsaGeorge,  but lost in the transition from the store (or internet) rack is what is right for you. 

This is what I call creating your own sense of style.  Style can be defined by your age, job, residence, budget, religion, ethnicity, where you plan to hang out, or whatís not to wrinkly in your closet. I think the most important part of style is in the process of you deciding what is right for the situation you are preparing to enter,  be it interviewing, working, networking, playing, dating or just hanging out with friends.


So how do you determine what is right for you?  First define the situation you are preparing for and what you want to achieve.  In that situation, do you want to be noticed, appreciated, or ignored?  Second, what level of impact do you want to achieve bold, subtle, or none.  For example, SalsaGeorge style is about bold, bam, slam, and dam! We could call this the noticed / bold style.  Achieving this style for me starts by thinking about what I want to accomplish or listening to music that reflects where I will be going and then letting the force help guide what I will wear that night.  Sometimes its direct to fashion (exactly what I bought from the store) other times is mixing what works.  This can be based upon color, textures, or just what looks good together.  Other times, when Iím chilling or going to work, I will start with my basics (slacks/shirt for work or jeans/comfortable shirt for hanging with friends) and add in something unique: a cool belt, unique shoes, awesome watch, or nice cologne (if appropriate, not to strong).


Having said that what are the styles to avoid?  SalsaGeorgeís stop it right now list, includes the following: Cel phones hanging from belts, bad breath, un-fresh or wrinkly clothing, scuffy shoes, black socks when wearing shorts, and being un-groomed.  What works for you?  Now that all depends on what you want to accomplish.  SGO! Iíve got a hot date with the girls at the Salsa Club.

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